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Pitch Count Requirements


Little League has strict pitch count requirements. Regulation VI lists all of these requirements and these can be found HERE.  We summarize pitch count and days rest directly below:

Pitch Count by League Age:
13-16 – 95 pitches per day
11-12 – 85 pitches per day
9-10 – 75 pitches per day
6-8 – 50 pitches per day

  Calendar Days Rest   
 League Age 8-14  League Age 15-16
4 calendar days rest66 or more pitches in a day (No go for 8 year olds)
76 or more pitches in a day
3 calendar days rest51-65 pitches in a day (No go for 8 year olds)
61-75 pitches in a day
2 calendar days rest36-50 pitches in a day46-60 pitches in a day
1 calendar days rest21-35 pitches in a day31-45 pitches in a day
0 calendar days rest1-20 pitches in a day1-30 pitches in a day

NOTE: A pitcher’s pitch count for the purposes of day(s) rest threshold is determined by the first pitch thrown to a batter. So if a 12 year old pitcher starts a batter with 49 pitches, ends that same batter with 54 pitches, and is then pulled, that 12 year old pitcher only requires 2 calendar days rest and not 3.

NLLL must enforce these pitch count and calendar day rest requirements. Team Managers must understand these requirements and NLLL will provide Team Managers with the training and resources needed to comply and will perform reviews of documentation throughout the season.

The required pitch count tracking and verification process is outlined below but there are three documents required as part of this process. These are all linked below and will be provided to each Team Manager in hard copy format at the Team Manager training prior to games starting.


Game Pitch Log (One Per Game)
Pitching Eligibility Tracking Form (Multiple Games on One Form and Only Your Team)
Sample of Completed Game Pitch Log and Pitching Eligibility Tracking Form

Each Team Manager will be provided a "Pitch Count" binder at the mandatory Manger/Coaches meeting on March 2, 2024 with all of the above documents printed out and enough forms to last the entire season.

Pitch Count Tracking Process for Spring 2024 Season
  1. Each team will designate an official pitch counter for the game who will count pitches for all pitchers from their team and record them on the Game Pitch Log (Note: If one team can't find a volunteer to be a pitch counter for their team, then a person can do it for both teams).
  2. At the plate meeting, each Team Manager will bring their latest completed Pitching Eligibility Tracking Form and show it to the opposing Team Manager and the Umpires identifying ineligible pitchers for that game. Opposing Team Managers should verify this by reviewing the eligibility form. Each Team Manager should also identify who their official pitch counter is for the game.
  3. The official pitch counter for each team will track pitches throughout the game using the Xs and Os format as indicated on the Game Pitch Log for their team. The official pitch counters can also transfer this information onto the Pitching Eligibility Tracking Form during the game if desired.
  4. At the end of the game, the two Team Managers must meet with the official pitch counters and transfer the pitch count information from the Game Pitch Log to the Pitching Eligibility Tracking Form AND the two Team Managers must sign both their tracking form and the opposing Team Manager's tracking form. Both of these actions must be completed prior to the Team Managers leaving the field.
  5. The Team Managers or official score keepers can either keep the Game Pitch Logs in the provided pitch count binder or, if desired, can return the completed Game Pitch Logs to the provided bin just inside the NLLL facility through the garage door facing the parking lot. Either method works. 
  6. Team Managers MUST retain the Pitching Eligibility Tracking Forms showing ALL of their games for the entire season and MUST have these forms with them during all games.
  7. NLLL Board members will audit and review the Pitching Eligibility Forms throughout the season and will do this at least every two weeks. After review of the forms, Board Members will initial and date the forms in the "Board Initial/Date after Review" column in the Tracking Form.
  8. If an NLLL Board member identifies any issues related to exceeding pitch counts or not enough days rest, this will be noted on the forms by the Board Member. Team Managers will be given one warning of a violation. If this occurs a second time, the Board will meet to determine next steps. 

The NLLL Board understands that the above process does have some duplication of effort as the two forms do have the same information. That is why we no longer require Team Managers to retain the Game Pitch Log and only retain the Pitching Eligibility Tracking Form. We also understand that online systems like GameChanger is good for tracking pitches. The goal is to eventually see if we can make those work. But to protect NLLL and ensure compliance with Little League requirements, for the 2024 Spring Season, the above process is the only approved process.

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